The industrial chain should pay attention not only to the relaxation but also to the lubrication

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2023-03-06 16:18

Our chain will become lax or even disjointed in the case of long-term use and excessive wear, so how to prevent such problems?

First of all, we should improve the tension of the chain in order to prevent the wear and disconnection of the chain. In order to reduce its wear and tightness, we can buy a better quality chain, so that we can improve the machining accuracy of the gear and the hardness of the working face.

Secondly, when installing the chain, it should be parallel to the chain shaft, and correct, so that the wear of the chain can be useful to reduce, otherwise it will be low chain and chain shaft deviation, more aggravate the wear of the chain. We improve the tightness of the chain, can put the gold screw from two to four, which will make the operation more simple and improve the safety of the chain operation.

The liquid oil material used in chain lubrication has functions of lubrication, rust prevention, waterproof and friction reduction for industrial chains. Depending on base oils, additives and production processes, they fall into two main categories: industrial grade and food grade. Chain oil is an industrial lubricant. Used for lubrication and rust prevention of various industrial chains, reduce friction and wear, can improve transmission efficiency and extend chain life. Chain oil consists of base oil and additives and can be divided into:

1. Mineral oil chain oil. Base oil is mineral oil, mainly used under normal working conditions.

2. Synthetic oil chain oils, which consist of synthetic oil base oils (such as PAG, PAO, and ester based oils), are used primarily in high-temperature and other work environments.

3. Biological chain oil is mainly composed of renewable vegetable oil base oil. Due to technological developments, the performance of vegetable oils and lubricants has been greatly improved, and some products have reached the performance level of synthetic oils. Due to their degradability and low toxicity, these chain oils are commonly used in sensitive areas such as water sources, wetlands and food processing plants. According to the use of environment is also divided into different chain oil. For example, high-temperature chain oil is used in industrial chains with higher operating temperatures, and food-grade chain oil is used in the food processing industry. Environmentally sensitive areas are degradable chain oil, etc.

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