Problems in the chain industry

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2023-03-06 16:11

With the development of the world economy, the Chinese chain industry is full of vitality. Many new changes have taken place and many new achievements have been made in the aspects of production development, product structure, technical quality, market development and economic operation. We have seen many achievements in the chain industry, there are still many problems in the chain industry, such as insufficient brand effect, fewer high-grade products, difficult to ensure the quality of steel chain.

First, fewer high-end products, brand effect is not enough

At present, China's export volume of chains is nearly 50 percent, but the export quality can only hover between medium and low grade, even if the domestic demand for high-quality chains still needs to import. China has become the world's leading chain producer, but most car manufacturers still use imported chains. Quality, brand in the international are not affected by the atmosphere, not recognized by the international market.

2. The quality of raw materials in the chain is not guaranteed

The steel supply condition of Chinese chain industry is relatively poor, and basically belongs to seller's market. Although many enterprises adopt a diversified way of selection, but also limited in price and specifications, and the inherent quality of steel is difficult to guarantee. The steel used in foreign chain manufacturing is matched by steel manufacturers according to the requirements, and its composition, surface quality and geometric accuracy can meet the requirements, which provides an effective guarantee for the automation of chain product processing. This is also the low - and medium-grade, domestic export, and high-end need to import.

3. Insufficient investment in research and development, and relatively weak technical force

Because the chain industry is a low-profit industry, there are few large and medium-sized chain enterprises in China. It is difficult for enterprises to implement independent development and advanced technology introduction through their own capital accumulation. Only a few enterprises with strong economic strength take the lead in technological innovation and technological upgrading, and the gap between enterprises is widening. Therefore, in the fierce market competition environment, the industry overall technology improvement problem is particularly prominent.

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