How is the structure of the conveyor chain formed

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2023-03-06 16:17

The development of the conveyor chain structure and the demand for the transmission chain, pulley and chain are different, non-standard chain. Conveyor chain function: load transport cargo, and drive sprocket meshing operation, support rail and small chain wear elongation.

With the development of chain and chain conveyor transmission are complementary. The development of the conveyor chain for workers engaged in the design and application of the chain conveyor, it is necessary.

1, the development of the chain structure can achieve the function of the chain plate conveyor can have a variety of ways. Transport chain structure for development. These ways include:

Load mode of transportation of goods, chain plate load; B, chain roller bearing

2 is in orbit

Slide on track, chain plate; B chain rollers roll on rails; Roll the c chain fitting on the track

3. The meshing method of chain and driven sprocket

With sprocket, chain plate mesh. B, the roller (or socket) engages the sprocket.

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